Fan Stand Radial Gun Rack

Fan Stand Radial Gun Rack

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Fan Stand is a 7-gun radial handgun rack. It’s eye-catching, space-saving design makes it perfect for your gun safe, gun closet or gun shop display counter. Easily slide the barrel of your handgun onto the angled prong. To adjust the angle of the gun, use your hands (not the gun) to bend prong up or down.

Benefits of Fan Stand Gun Rack

  • 7-gun radial handgun rack lets you store and display up to 7 handguns
  • This display rack creates an eye-catching of your firearms
  • Space-saving minimal design allows you to fit up to 7 guns into a small space.
  • Easy access, with room for hand to grasp each individual gun.

Features of Fan Stand Gun Rack

  • Fits 22 caliber and larger
  • Adjust the angle of gun by bending prong up or down.
  • Oil & scratch resistant, vinyl coated steel
  • Chamfered (rounded) ends to further protect bore of firearm
  • Size: 16” W x 9 ¼” D x 2 ½” T
  • Made in the USA

Great for use on any flat surface in the following applications:

  • Gun shop display cabinets
  • Gun safe storage and display
  • Vault room storage and display
  • Firearms trade show display
  • Gun show display
  • Gunsmith storage and display