Bighorn B6033XGL High Gloss Titanium Gun Safe
Bighorn B6033XGL High Gloss Titanium Gun Safe

Bighorn B6033XGL High Gloss Titanium Gun Safe

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60"H x 33"W x 27"D 

Champagne in color (looks like tinted silver)


Heavier means more steel and fire lining, giving you superior fire and burglary protection. At 585 lbs and 24 cubic feet (29 lbs per cubic feet), this safe boasts exceptional construction, honest fire rating, and superior value. For over 15 years, Rhino Metals, Inc. the maker of Bighorn and Rhino Safes, has consistently provided homeowners and businesses with the highest quality safes and customer service available, earning the reputation of being the “biggest bang for your buck”.


Certified and Reliable Security

The Securam ECSL-601 electronic lock is simple to use and utilizes a proven UL certified swingbolt lock design, with greater security and reliability than typical key override solenoid locks. The single 9 volt battery (not included) is mounted within the keypad on the front of the safe and can be changed without having to open the door or unlock the safe. Your 6 digit PIN code is stored in EPROM memory within the safe door, shielded along with the internal lock by three layers of armor plating, and will remain in memory for years even if the battery or keypad is destroyed or removed. With the locks brains and memory protected inside the safe, the lock and keypad cannot be hotwired. Also, after several incorrect PINS have been entered, the lock will go into a timed lockout mode disabling all inputs to the keypad and delaying further tampering.


The lock is the foundation of any safe. The Bighorn is equipped with a high quality lock that has passed the Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL) certification and testing program. UL is the safe industry’s authority for security testing. UL certified locks must pass UL’s expert break-in testing and then production is monitored for continued compliance. A UL certified lock means better security and reliability for you and your family.


Fire Protection:

This safe has a 70 minute at 1200° F fire rating. The body and door of the safe are lined with fire protective gypsum board and a heat activated door seal around the door frame, which swells when heated, sealing the gaps between the door and door frame. Additional design features include the extra thick 4.75” door and external hinges.